Thursday, February 27, 2014

some days

Some days you just need a good cry.. The last two days have been emotional ones. really emotional ones. The kids and I went for a nice long walk this morning to clear my head. Ty came home with a couple pockets full of rocks. When we get rocks....we have to paint them. These rocks Ty says are for Jenna.. (my bf//his girlfriend lol). It was just before lunch when we got back and I had about twenty minutes to figure out what to make for lunch before Jayson got home. Its not hard to decide when you have three ingredients in your fridge. So while I whipped up some ramen and toast the kids got to paint their new rocks. They were in heaven and I enjoyed a few minutes of peace while getting lunch together. Soon Jayson came home and knew just what to say to make me smile.

some days are hard...
some days//most days I really miss my family.
some days you just gotta have a good cry, paint some rocks and know it will all be ok.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Ty is just about potty trained. He is doing really well and loves his new Dusty underwear... I can hear him clear across the house saying...

"mom, im going potty."
"mom, you gotta come see this"

Things I am most excited for this week.... 

My mom to get here... (happy dance)

Ty being potty trained

Embers teeth are almost all in

Moving the furniture around -- love it

Things that stink...

I broke the vacuum -- I ran over the cord... tell the wires are totally hanging out.. don't ask me how.

I haven't exercised in days... blah

Laundry.... its hard work keeping Ty clean undies... I think buying more would be better than stressing over keeping the ones he has clean.

I really need to go shopping. you know when people say there is nothing in their fridge... thats actually true.. with an exception of milk and ketchup..  yup going today.... or tomorrow. depends on how long we can make it off pantry food. blah

Ty decided to use his rocks in a new way today. Jayson and I look over and he was driving the trucks on them... Guess they are off-roading it. 

Ember is asleep and Ty is playing.. So im off to read a book... or take a nap. who knows.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY doll house pillows

I saw this and this and knew right away that I wanted to make one for Ember.... After one I thought... well maybe she needs four. They are just so cute and don't take much fabric.

 My grandma gave me these fabric rolls about a year ago. They have been sitting in my stash waiting for just the right project. I thought they would be perfect for these little houses. They didn't take much. I could probably still make 15 more.... but I guess I'll stop at four. Maybe I'll make some for some little girl birthdays or baby showers. I think I may be addicted to them.

 I didn't have a tutorial or pattern to use. I thought about making one.... but they are pretty simple.. If there are any requests I might. But its really cut and sew. There is no messing up. They can all be different and charming in their own way... and hey if you want a heart for a window..then why not! Its cute... use your imagination!

I think they are so charming and maybe the best thing I have ever made out of scraps. I need to go get a little basket and throw them and a few treats in for Ember for Easter.

I got thinking after making these. I look at all my sewing notions differently now. All my buttons and ribbons...the lace and rickrack.  Its all just sitting there waiting to be made into something. Right now I have no idea but some day...when the time is right and with the right material it will become something wonderful. All I need is the right inspiration and time. :) Tell then they sit and wait... looking cute in their little jars and cans on my sewing desk... Patiently staring at me.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

paper plate puzzles

The kids had a blast with these. Ty likes to actually use them as puzzles and Ember likes to match the colors up in piles.

Color away. After I let the kids color the plates I did the rest.

Cut them into any shapes you want. They are all pretty easy except the red. Red was a little too hard. I had to help Ty with it and it even took me a minute. ha

Really easy and fun way to kill an hour. :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


You know those days you don't normally blog about. The hard days. Days where your kids cry and wine. You lose your temper... and get frustrated faster then normal. That day was today. I felt like a bad mom. I didn't want to play or read books. I was so frustrated with them both.

Then I just decided we all needed a nap. I grabbed Ember and Ty under my arms and went to the chair to rock. I was hoping to sit there long enough just to calm us all down. We ended up being there for an hour. Ty was telling us stories and Ember kept putting her caterpillar up to my nose and smiling. I was in heaven.

I had the thought cross my mind of how lucky I am to stay at home and raise my babies. 

Having hard moment is ok. but with kids I am convinced there are never bad days.... just moments. You may have a lot of hard moments in one day but there is always joy in that day as well. My kids can drive me crazy one day but in that same day they still melt my heart. Ty still says "love you mama" and Ember still gives me big bear hugs and waddles around the house with her caterpillar. The good always out weighs the bad. 

 find the joy. 


I went and got a cookie out...
Ty asks "mommy, i want one..."
I pull it apart and give him half...
He says "ugh...not half a cookie"

Were witting in the living room. Just playing.
Ty looks around and says "yeah...i really like our house. its nice"
I said " yeah i like it too ty"
Ty "yeah...lets keep it"

DIY memory/matching game

I saw this memory game on pinterest and thought Ty might like it. He is a bit small to catch on to the memory part of it but he likes to match them. After I finished making it Jayson and I played for a minute and waited for Ty to want to join in. He eventually ran over and wanted to try. He thought it was pretty cool for about two minutes. Then Ember took over. She mostly just stacks them and re-stacks them. Either way they are being used!

I cut out 24/ 5" squares. You will need one for the back and one for the front.

 Take 12 of them and make a 3" hole. I traced them out with marker then used an exacto knife and scissors.

Cut out 24/ 4" fabric squares. Make sure to do it by doubles. You will need two of each.

Add a stitch to connect them and start playing.

Ty thought it was pretty cool. He likes to flip them all over and when he sees two of the same he matches them up. So he is combining the two ideas..haha He did keep saying

"thanks mom for my new game"
"mom these are pretty softer"
"mom, why is there so many"
"mom we make fun stuff" -- my favorite!

I cut it down to six and played the matching game with him! He would put the one that matched and place it on top of the other.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Its no secrete we love the zoo. The best way to have fun at the zoo is to first ride the rides... This time the train was broken. The sign said down for repairs. When I told Ty he was convinced he needed to go home to get his tools and help them fix it. He is totally Mr. Fix it now days. I love it. He calls himself "builder man". I'm assuming he is getting this from Bob the Builder.

He really wanted to ride a horse this time. When I told them they only have the zoo animals to choose from he said "O yeah mom, were at the zoo...they have zoo animals" and laughs then says "silly mom"... Yeah I'm the silly one. So then he got up on the Giraffe. His favorite animal this week! 

We stopped for a little snack on the benches and fed the geese a few crackers. big mistake. They terrified me after that. They followed us around and looked like they wanted to eat us. scary. haha

Jayson always puts the kids up on his shoulders.
Ty says its because  "Daddy is big and strong...not mommy just Daddy"

 Then we met up with some friends. Ty and Molly both had the map under control.

We spent most the time looking at the fish. Having a pass and living ten minutes away is really nice. If we only want to spend an hour there and see a few things before nap time then its no big deal.