Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am.....

I am weird because...

I hate the snow.
I can eat mustard with a spoon
and salsa...just give me a spoon.
I love brushing my teeth.
I am one of the 2% of the people in the
world who doesn't mind sleeping with socks on.

I am a bad friend because...

I always forget to call people back.
I look at a text and think O I will 
text them back in a few minutes, then a week later ill be
going through my phone realize I never did and feel 
to dumb to finally respond.
I am a good friend because...

My heart is huge
I have enough room in there for everyone.
I always look for the good in others.
I truly want to make others happy
and care for their well-being
I am sad because...

Summer days spent outside with my little Ty 
will have to wait tell next year 

I am happy because...

Next year they will be with 
Ember as well 

I am excited for...

Hot Chocolate
Extra snuggles
Warm kisses  

I am/see me through Instagram

I AM the mama who snuggles whenever my babies want them.
I AM NOT the mama who knows how to punish.

I AM the wife who is totally cheesy.
I AM NOT the wife who remembers everything.

I AM the mama who wants to play and be silly.

I AM the girl who will splurge on a meal IF its sushi.

I AM the mama who lets her kids get dirty.
I AM NOT the mama who will let them out of my sight.

I AM the mama to change babies clothes more than once a day just for fun.
I AM the mama with a camera permanently attached to my hand.

I AM the wife who will support her husband no matter what.

I AM the friend who is ditsy.
I AM the girl not always taken seriously.
I AM NOT the friend to always remember your birthday.
I AM the friend to pick you up if down.

I AM NOT the girl with good advice.
I AM NOT the girl good with words.

I AM the girl who believes in hugs.
I AM the friend who is always thinking of you.

I AM one who believes their is good all around.
I AM one who believes people can always change.
I AM one who believes a "thank you" or a smile can change someones life.
I AM one who believes we are all Children of God.
I AM one who is tender, emotional and worrisome.

I AM one who loves and wants to be loved.