Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whipple Reunion...Little traditions

I think my family has a ton of reunions.
 One for both my parents sides and then grandparents.
10 reunions in one year... it seems like.
I don't think there is anything wrong with that though.
 I love knowing who my fourth cousins are.
Obviously with that many.. you make it to some and miss others.
Just the way life goes.

Every summer I look forward to the Whipple Reunion in 
Pine Valley Utah.
 It is so beautiful and I get to see so much family.
 Since I have been married Jayson and I have made everyone.
and he loves them as well.

My family growing up always took a picture on a rock while there.
They are all classic, some we all look happy, 
others mom and dad pulled us away from playing to snap the picture... so we look ticked.
In some one child is looking off into space...

 But hey we are all always there.
and its fun to see 
our changing personalities through the years. 

This year I thought I would continue the tradition and take one of my own little family now..sitting on a rock!

This is us..
What my world revolves around.
My sweet little family. 

My hubby Jayson and Our sweet little boy Ty.
and if you can't tell in the picture above
I am large with child. 
baby Ember

 things i'm loving lately:
-O the rain. We are getting SO much!

-My baby sister is moving back for school... so I will soon get 
to see her EVERYDAY!

-Waking up today with NO pregnancy pains.

-Slowly packing my hospital bag.

-Having a great friend two doors down to talk to everyday.

-Baby shower today.

-O and today is my BIRTHDAY

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