Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy one month my dear

Being a mother is like having a little slice of heaven and holding it in your arms.
Being trusted to raise and nurture it.
Protect and love it.
Cherish every moment with it.

Ember is growing so fast.
I feel like I was just packing to go to the hospital.
and now a month has gone by. 

She is learning so much.
I love watching her eyes and seeing the way she is discovering the world.

She holds her head up strong.

Smiles at her daddy with such love.
 Like she knows she is in the
 safest place in the world.

Cuddles with me all day long.
 lets her brother rock her to sleep in her chair.

and is the sunshine in our life.

Motivate Me Monday. Link Up

Do you ever make a goal to hit a certain weight by a certain day, particularly an event?
I catch myself doing this a lot. I say "Ashley you need to lose 5lbs by -this wedding, homecoming, reunion-".
Whatever the case may be.
This is rough.
I know the idea behind it is good. (a goal). Its always nice to set and achieve goals
small or large.
The feeling of accomplishment is indescribable. Like walking around all day with a fatty smile on your face because you know you did what you sat out to do and feeling great about it.

However what happens when we don't reach our goals? 

Are you the type of person who can pick themselves up and say "OK lets try again" and have even greater motivation to prove to yourself you can. The type of person who doesn't let anything get them down?
Or are you the type that sits in self loath for a week before getting the determination to try again. The person who loses all motivation the moment they realize giving it their all just wasn't quite good enough?

Sadly enough I feel like I am in the second category. I had set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight before I go into my 6week check up for my postpartum. Well Ember is four weeks old today -will post her 1month birthday post today as well- and I am nowhere near my goal. I know I still have 2 weeks to try. But realistically I don't think I will reach my goal and achieve it in a healthy manner. 

I promised myself I would not be this girl.
The girl who feels sorry for herself. 
The girl whose husband tells her she is beautiful everyday and doesn't believe it. 
I know Jayson thinks I'm beautiful. He shows me everyday how much he loves and is attracted to me. but when spirits are down and you don't have a lot of self confidence, anything anyone else says about you thats positive sounds more like a lie.  

This week I'm going to be the first girl. 
I have to be the first girl.
I need to be. 

If not for me, then for Jayson.
The girl who doesn't let anything get her down. 
I'm going to continue to try my hardest and it will be good enough. 
I will listen to my sweet hubby every time he tells me how beautiful I am or how great I look in my jeans.

I may not have or will not hit my particular goal. 
but I'm not going to stop trying for it. 
Not going to lose my motivation. 

It will happen. 
I am strong enough to make it. 

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