Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learning to swim

Every time I think my kids can't get any cuter. . .

Ty has always loved the water...Baths, mini pools, sprinklers. Still I wondered how he would do in a deep pool with the life jacket. I thought he might be a bit hesitant or at least annoyed by the life jacket on.

He hopped right over to the edge and with out me even there to catch him he jumps right in. He was so excited the whole time in the pool I thought  he was going to burst. 

I thought maybe he would be nervously attached to my side but he wanted to swim around and jump off the edge. 

"mommy watch, mommy watch, MOMMY!!!" 

I think I heard "MOMMY WATCH" 1000 times. It was music to my ears. 

Mom and Dad took him out today. Just the three of them. I stayed back and took pictures. I couldn't help but snap away. Trying to catch those precious moments. Trying to get the perfect picture of him in the air on mid jump. We got some pretty good ones I think.

Ty is really such a sweetie. I love him so much. It is so amazing to watch him grow. I love that he repeats EVERYTHING we say and everything we do. Its not only adorable but a nice little reminder that we need to be an example to our children every second. They are watching everything and absorbing it in so fast.