Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ty talk

Ty is talking so much now.
 He is saying and doing things that make us laugh...
Things we want to remember always. 
Some are funny, some are mean, some sweet and some are just ridiculous.

Ty and I are laying on the bed while Daddy is in the other room. I'm cuddling and singing to him... One of those moments when I sit there and think how loving and sweet he is... All of the sudden he jumps up says "No mom" runs over grabs my stuffed animal and hands him to me... Then says "snuggle it." Sits back on the bed but this time a few feet away from me. Silly kid. I guess sometimes he just doesn't want to snuggle. 

So I think when it comes to boys and girls Ty is a little confused. How do you have that talk with a 2year old? When I change Embers diaper he runs over and says "Mommy, Ember no peanut?" Me... "Uh, No Ty, Ember is a girl. They don't have those" Just to be clear...I don't think its cute to make up fake names for body parts just to leave kids confused later. I told Ty what his man business is called he just can't pronounce it. I have made an effort now to tell Ty "You're a boy like daddy, Ember is a girl like mommy." I think that is as much of a talk we need for now. 

When we are about to leave the apartment to go outside we have to go down the elevator. At least that is how we say it. Ty says "Mommy, lets take the alligator." Pretty adorable...

I also find myself saying things like:

"Ty, don't sit on your sisters head"
"Ty, don't use Ember as a step stool" 

Poor Ember... I will say this, She will be tough! 

He also has been doing a lot of "My do it" or "No I do it"

If he needs to wash his hands and I happen to take a towel and wipe them down for him he gets them messy again, then says "No, I do it" and washes his hands himself.

Or if I put his pants on and he decides he wanted too. He takes them off says "I DO IT" then puts them on himself...

Mr. Independent lately.