Tuesday, May 17, 2011

whale softies

I found these whale softies on i love nap time who got them from HERE...
I fell in love with them and they have been on my craft --to do list--
for a very long time...finally I gave them a try

I am a beginner sewer, so obviously mine are not even close to
perfect...I realize now to leave your hand stitching on a
flat section if possible. I messed up on my favorite whale
giving him a weird looking back end.. ah well I learned from it.

also after finishing a few I realized that the eye was suppose to
be further down...so they all have differnt placed eye balls.

I think they will still work well for a chew toy for the babies.
They snuggle/drool/play with about anything.

These two are my favorite..I love the fabric and the green eyes.

kinda swerved around on the eyes here...

but I am very happy with these eyes...
 I will give myself an A+ on this/ haha

well there you have it!! One project down a million to go:)

I had to take a couple shots of Ty with one to show you!!!
see right for the mouth:)

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