Thursday, November 24, 2011

little man stuff

-I shared this at J&Ms eye candy
but also wanted to share it here and let you know these
little boy onesies will be up for grabs at their black friday 
giveaway event! 

LITTLE MAN ties and spenders

Lets Start

You will need:
Scrap fabric
Sewing machine 
coordinating thread
scissors or slicer
liquid stitch

On projects that require so little fabric I cringe 
thinking of going to the store to buy new stuff...
I like to save my money and bust out the scraps...and if you have been sewing long that collection tends to add up fast.

Find a pattern you like online or make your own.
I cut out about five different sizes before I found the
big/chubby tie size I was looking for.
Pin that sucker good. ALSO REMEMBER to look at
how your fabric is laid out.
See here I am using stripes, but I want the
top of the Tie to have curved lines and the bottom
to be horizontal.

To cut it use what you are comfortable with. I like the slicer because I feel like my lines are
much smoother and cleaner (no frayed edges) where as 
the scissors are messy.
But if you have a steady hand then the scissors will do fine!

I like to use the liquid stitch to keep the tie nice and tight to the onesie before I sew it on.
Also when you are done it gives the tie a thicker feel.

Seriously try it...I bet you will love it!!

Squeeze it on to your material but be sure to spread it out evenly. You don't want it to look bubbly.

Once you spread the liquid stitch place the tie on the onesie where you want to sew it...
I like to press it after with heat.

Now that it has the liquid stitch it doesn't move
around while you are trying to sew it on. 
You can do a straight stitch or a zigzag either is cute!!

Sew your tie all the way around and...
VWALA the tie part is DONE!

Cut your material 3inches wide by 30inches long.
It will be for the front and back of the spenders!
-also this is for a 12month onesie, if you are doing anything smaller you may want to modify your measurements.
Fold it an half and press it with heat to get a nice crisp seam.

Take your sewing machine and make a quarter inch
seam all the way down.

Flip your material using a stuffing stick so it is right side out then press again with your iron.

Pin it in place on the onesie. I pinned the
front first, sewed it on... 
then pinned the back and sewed it on. 
-this way the back pins are not in your way when sewing the front.

When you sew it on the onesie gets kind of crazy under the machine, I just learned to take it slow and if you pin it really good you will be fine.
-you could also use the liquid stitch here as well

Sew on the front, stop at the shoulders... Then cross the back material so it looks like spenders... Pin it(or liquid stitch) and sew it on just like the front and you are done!!!

I hope you like them!!!

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