Friday, September 9, 2011


HEY LADIES!!! I shared this project on DIY kinda girl awhile ago, but I thought I would show it here too!! I hope you like it!!! I'm a sucker for a cute felt page!!!

 Lets make a cute puzzle page shall we!!
2 Full Felt Pages
Scrap felt for design
sewing machine-thread
ziploc bag

Start with your page fully done and sewed. It can be anything you want. I did a little flower page because it will be going in a little girl quiet book page.

Take your scissors and cut out your page in any design you would like. Depending on child's age for the difficulty.
Then you will want to sew along each piece with a 1/4 inch seam. 

a close up! 
Then you have your puzzle pieces done. 

Take a nude colored page and black marker...
Trace out your puzzle shapes.

When you are done tracing you will have something like this!

There ya go!! A fun puzzle!!! 
 Put your pieces in a zip loc and add groumets to your nude page and add it to your book!

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