Monday, September 17, 2012

Me, MYSELF and up

 1) When you're feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up?
 Lately I like to clean. Weird. I know. but it really does help me. I turn on some music..Maybe some Chris Ladoux, and scrub away. If that doesn't work I also like to go for walks. Usually this only works when the weather is good and the kiddos are happy.
2)  If you had to live in a different time period which would you prefer?
Uh, I think I prefer my time period, but if I would have to change I guess the 50's maybe.
3)  What is the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn?
I once dressed up as a troll. Not a scary kind. But the cute kind you had when you were a kid. I teased my hair up straight and put purple color in it. Wore a little bathing suit and put a huge gem on my belly button.
-No I will not post a picture of me in costume.
  4)  Five weird things about you we wouldn't know without being told?
* I have abnormally long toes. Resulting in me often using them as fingers.
* I can eat a whole yogurt cup with just my tongue. I also can lick a smarty off my nose with my tongue--its long
* I like to wear different colored socks.  
* I still sleep with a stuffed animal every night. and have panic attacks if I don't.
* I like to eat mustard in abnormal amounts.
5)  What would you tell your 16-year-old self?
Slow down. Nobody will care what happens in high school in ten years. Don't date idiots. and respect your parents a lot more.


Motivate Me Monday -a link up-


My baby girl is here.... Healthy as can be. 
-along with my wedding day and Ty's birth, this picture captures one
of the happiest moments of my lie- 
I'm overwhelmed with joy, now ready to get back in shape.

So obviously for me MMM took a break during my pregnancy. I hope yall still followed along with my co-host Amanda from For Love of a cupcake

 For my new readers who may not know what MMM is go HERE.
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I had a rough start in the pregnancy. A few bleeding scares while working out put a stop to all things fitness. I still walked and ate healthy, but real physical work outs were not even near the top of my list of things to worry about. Instead I was focusing on my sweet baby girl and just staying healthy for her. Plus my doctor told me to take it easy. 

However it has been three weeks now since my little miss made her way into the world, and I am ready to start (slowly) into getting fit again.

It's recommended (at least by my doctor) to wait six weeks before working out. So lets take it slow. 

Lets talk numbers shall my 39week check up I weighed in at 168. I didn't even step on a scale tell two weeks after and weighed 137. I started my pregnancy at 119. So if I wish to get back to my pre-preggers weight I have about 18lbs to shed.

Before I found out I was pregnant I was in what I consider the best shape of my life. I was going to the gym 5 times a week...and working out at home as well. Eating a protein shake for breakfast, and small meals through the day. 
-yes, I think I had crossed into being obsessed with my body image.  
..I felt great. toned. energetic. happy.
but like I said I was obsessed. Food almost scared me. 

-I don't expect to get to my pre-weight any time soon. I want to do this a little more realistically. Especially with the fact that I have two children now and a husband to take care of. Plus I'm breast feeding and plan to for at least 9months.

SO what is my plan.

For this week. I plan to eat healthy. No more "I'm eating for two" excuse 
--that really is a false statement anyway--

focus on
*healthy breakfast 
*healthy lunch (including fruit and veggies)
*small dinner (including two veggies)

as for exercising

Starting off super slow tell my six week check up "OK" from the doctor, and tell hopefully I can stop bleeding. 

on a side note, my friend is selling me hers, great condition for only 40bucks!!! SAWEEET...I can't wait to pick it up and get some walks in with the kiddos before the winter weather hits.

I am so excited to be back on MMM. I truly love leaning on each other for Motivation and support. Every girl is different and her body will be as there is no judging. no comparing. and no jealousy..just friends looking to be healthy and helping each other get there one step at a time. 

--This week I would love for you to share ANYTHING health related-- If you need an idea maybe share your short and long term goals. 

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