Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tell me Tuesday!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Apartment love, kids room.

This is more like a sneak peak. 
We have only been in the new place for a week. 
I have no pictures on the walls, not one. 
There is lots to do but I have lots of time to do it. 
 So here is a small chunk of what it looks like as of now. 

More details on my handmade love can be found below

Car mat also found here
Embers bedding here
Felt robots here
Doll here

Friday, July 26, 2013

A week ago

Well we have been here over a week now. 
Over a week since these two were stuck in the car with us for 12 hours.

One week down. 

I love our apartment. My favorite things...
The fact that it is so different than anything I have ever been around. I have never been in a place where you have to walk through the Lobby, up the elevator and down the hall to your house. I feel like I am in a movie. Cheesy right. Well I do. It is so nice though. All we have to do is walk down the hall to a lounge where we find a free coffee/hot chocolate machine. We delighted in some hot chocolate last night while it rained! Also the pool. The kids are such water babies that it is wonderful to have a nice big area for them to play in. Plus the gym, ah the gym:) Makes me so happy that all I have to do is walk across the street where I find a gym waiting for me. In this past week I have been six days!! Maybe I will be back to pre-baby weight some day soon. I love that it is so modern, nice and new. I love that you can't get into the building with out a keycard and you can't get to my door from the outside. I feel so much safer in apartments this way. I love that when you look out our front window there is construction. Yes, I am serious. Ty drags a stool over to the window and watches the tractors all day. He is so obsessed with tractors so he is always happy. We will miss the construction when the new buildings are done.

So what do I not like....I don't like that I can't walk out my door and walk to the park with the kids. Only in Utah right?! I don't like that I am terrified to drive anywhere. Um I never knew you could have to take three different freeways to get somewhere twenty minutes away. I don't like that I don't know my neighbors yet. I don't like that we still don't have a couch and that we have a huge bar and nowhere for a table. --I love family dinner around a table--

There is a lot to get used to and a lot to learn. I love how close it has already made Jayson and I. I didn't think I could love him anymore than I did but being hundreds of miles away from anyone you know can really strengthen a relationship. I love him more each day and I love my babies more than my heart can handle. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how lucky I am to have my life. I am so overwhelmed with love and can't express it enough.

Eleven months baby girl

O Ember. We are coming so close to your year birthday. I am amazed everyday at how you grow and change. You are so funny. Delighting in the simple things. Like jumping on the chair, your brothers loud noises, playing peek-a-boo and tickle time. Your laugh is contagious and your smile is heartwarming. Your cry is heartbreaking yet adorable. You wine a lot and need to be held. You love to walk around the kitchen and help me cook...or sit on my hip and try to grab everything in site. You love goldfish and graham crackers. You still wont drink out of a straw, cup or bottle. We have to give you water bottles to drink out of. You are so attached to your caterpillar. You are honestly never with out it. It soothes you in a way nobody can. You love mommy and daddy both but are turning into a daddys girl. Your eyes get prettier and prettier and your rolls get cuter and cuter. I love you more than words can express. I will love you forever and always.

 At eleven months...

-You are crying a lot. 

-I love to hold you and cuddle you but you are always on the move.

-You are standing on your very own for long periods of time. 

-Crawling at a very fast pace. 

- Walking along side the walls, couch and tables. 

-Needing constant attention. 

- Taking one nap a day. 

-Babbling Mama and Dada

-Eating everything! 

- Loving play time with your brother.

-Loving the swimming pool. 

- Letting me rock you to sleep on occasion. 

-Climbing on everything. 

-Getting into all cupboards, shelves and drawers. 

-Mostly being adorable. 

Ember Nicole...
We love you so much! 
Daddy, Mommy and Ty.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tell me Tuesday

Hey all! Notice my lack of blog posts??
We are finally moved in and almost unpacked. 
Life has been crazy but fun and exciting! 
I can't wait to post more about whats been going on..
Until then 

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Saying goodbye

Surprisingly enough I miss this place. We spent the last month and a half living with my parents. Jayson helped out on the farm and I got to spend every minute with my family. I loved the time the kids got with their grandparents, great grandparents and cousins. I tried to document as much of it as I could. All the posts are under Summer on the Farm.

Ty is the sweetest boy in the world. That is until you ask him to look at the camera and he turns into beast mode. Even though this picture is not the best at capturing the love between us and Tys sweet self. Its there I promise. We spent so much time and Grandma and Grandpas house that month. Ty still asks if we can go see Shirley. Not Grandma Shirley but just Shirley. I don't know if he doesn't get that he can have multiple grandmas or if he just likes to call her Shirley. Either way he misses her. Misses her sweet hugs and her candy stash! 

Aw Lauren. My big sister and one of my bestest friends. I miss her so bad and can't wait to see her again. I loved every second we got to hang out. I got o help her can some yummy tomatoes and eat them by the handful! Its so fun to have our kids grow up together. I hope they can be as close as we are.

Ember and some of her cousins saying goodbye. Pretty sure Ty and Luke are off causing trouble and being cute. Not wanting their picture taken. (yes Ember has three different outfits on. She tends to blow out)

Ty was a little shy around Justin before we moved in with mom and dad. That month we were there you would have thought they were the best of friends. Ty always wanted to be by Justins side and play with him. They rode the tractor together and ate lots of donuts. Missy spoiled him rotten!! She always had a stocked fridge with juice and treats. I think he wanted to be at their house more than with me:) 

Jayson and I took the kids up to spend the last few days with his family before we made the big move. Mom and Dad were meeting us there and we were driving out to Denver together so it wasn't really like saying goodbye to them but it was to Heather. She wasn't going to make the drive with us so we cried our eyes out and said our goodbyes to her that night. 

To my surprise when mom and dad pulled up to meet us in Cedar I went to put something in the back of the truck and out pops Heather. I was so scared my heart was pounding but it was one of the best surprises ever. It meant so much to see her there. I cried again in excitement and then on the way up with happiness!! I knew I would get a few more days with her.

Before we left Logandale we had to make one last stop and Grandma and Grandpas. Grandma Shirley had lots of watermelon to share but not much left after Ember was gone. She loved it so much and sucked down a few pieces. She was a cute sticky mess!!

When we got to Cedar it only took Ty a second before he leaped out of my arms and into Vance and Eileens. He missed them so much. Ember was a little hesitant at first but then warmed up wholeheartedly.

We spent the day at Jake and Savannahs house and had a BBQ, played croquet, watched the kids play in the dirt, visited and eat peach cobbler! It was so fun to see Ember and Jeffery together again. They are so close in age and played so cute together. 

The next day we all went to the aquatic center together and then out for some ice cream! Ty inhaled his before most of us could get a bite in. He was very specific when he ordered. He wanted 

"Ice cream cone, nella and sprinkles" 

Jessica Annie soaked up every second with the kids. I think she always had one on her hip or playing with the other. The kids are going to miss everyone almost as much as I am. Ty woke up this morning and went from room to room calling out Heathers name. I had to explain to him that we will see her for Christmas but that we can call her whenever we want. 

I know I may sound ridiculous. People move out and far away from their families all the time and are fine. I know that. I also know we will be fine. I actually think we are going to be very very happy. That doesn't change the fact that our families will be missed in the mean time.

So until we see you... Love you!! 
O and don't worry I will be posting pictures of our fun new adventures and our new apartment soon!! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tell me Tuesday

Hey ladies! 
Guess what?! You know that move I have been talking about?
Well it is finally here. 
By the time you are reading this we will be on the road. 
I can't wait for this adventure but am so sad to be leaving my family. 
.....although Christmas will be here soon enough! 

I might not be posting a lot this week but as soon as we get the computer up and running and moved in ill post the move pictures! 

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Why mommy???"

I haven't done an update post on Ty in a while. Lately I feel like he has changed so much I want to document it and remember these little moments and milestones he is hitting.

I am blown away by the things Ty is saying. The way he is grouping words together and making sentences. I find myself having actual conversations with him. Most people get what he is saying. Especially family who is around him often. However there are some that need me ( the Ty translator ) to step in on somethings. There are times still where I catch myself not knowing a word or two but for the most I am fluent in Ty.

The way he talks to me cracks me up. I notice that when he is talking he has to have me acknowledge everything he is saying. He usually starts off by asking for something once or twice then says "mom mom mom". Eventually gets up in my face to the point he is almost eating my nose, takes his hands placing them on my cheeks making sure we have eye contact. Still saying mom mom mom and repeating his question. He is persistent tell I give him full attention. 

Ok so here is the real thing that inspired this post. 

"Why mommy?"

uh what.... Just a simple yes and no don't cut it anymore?? Ty wants to know why he can't stay up tell midnight and why he can't eat five cookies and why he has to take a bath. 

It has been adorable and slightly exhausting explaining to him why for everything. I catch myself giggling at his curiousness. I know his little brain just wants to understand things. I know he is growing and learning and discovering the world around him. I know he is finding things out and connecting the dots. It simply amazes me.

Every time he asks why I will tell him with a smile on my face and to the best of my ability a good answer.

I love that Ty lets me hold him. I rock him, hold him, kiss him and smother him.. At least for as long as he will sit still. Although he is a mamas boy he is  100% boy. Totally energetic and full of life. The boy does not have a wind down. Constantly on a mission to get something done. He is just wound up and up and up tell he eventually just crashes at the end of the night. To watch him sleep is a miracle. I often think about how peaceful he looks and how its possible for so much energy to be in such a tiny body. I sit there and watch as he charges back up for the next day and wonder what sort of adventures he will take me on then. 

He also has a huge I mean huge obsession with tractors. I am sure its because we are staying with my parents on the farm and he gets to ride on them with papa and daddy. He is constantly wanting to see them, be on them even watch video I have taken of him and Jayson driving them together. He wont wear any shoes but his boots and hardly ever leaves the house with out his John Deere hat.

Ty has a huge heart and I am convinced can read any emotion. If I am ever sad he picks up on it immediately and comforts me. Hugs, kisses, stokes my face with a concerned look on his face. He is such a comforter. I think he will always have others feelings in mind and be sensitive to their needs.

This kid is my little man. The person who made me a mama. I will always love to see him grow but will always catch myself wanting it to slow down. 

xoxo little man
mommy loves you with all her heart! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

this and that

We had a great 4th of July. Ty and Ember loved the fireworks. Tys face was absolutely priceless while watching them and even more so when he was holding the sparklers. We had a pretty mellow morning. Ate a big breakfast then went out to the pool to swim. Heather and I took Jessica down to the game farm to show her all the fields. Ate homemade ice cream for Jim's birthday/4th of July. Then when it came time for fireworks we did what we have done every year growing up. We all hopped on the Rhinos and drove out to the water tower for the very best view of the show. It was fun riding out with both the kids. Ember sat in her car seat but loved all the bumps....so much that she even fell asleep. She slept right through all the fireworks too. We were far enough away that the noise wasn't loud enough to bother her but that we still had a beautiful view. By the time we drove back to the house we did our own fireworks. Ember was awake by then and loved watching the colors. Ty wanted to be right next to his daddy while he lit them off. Crazy kid.

Ember will eat anything. I really do give her healthy foods 99% of the time but every once in awhile I have to give her a cookie and of course she makes a mess. So of course I have to take pictures:)

While Jessica was down we rode the horses around in the arena. It was her very first time riding and she did amazing. Dad kept saying it was like she had been around them for years. O yeah that stud on the horse is my daddy!

Like always we had to get in the pool. I sometimes feel like we live out there. Good thing we all love it!

Our move is coming up very quick. I am sure going to miss home but am so excited to start this new adventure.