Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dancing queen

We were a little hesitant to sign Ember up for dance and it has ended up being a wonderful blessing in our lives. She adores her teacher, we adore her teacher. She has a love to dance and sing and a love for the stage. I can't imagine her not dancing anymore. As long as she loves it we will continue to encourage her to persuse her little passion! 

Grinchy Christmas

We watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas a few times a week so when I saw this healthy Grinch craft I knew it was a great FHE! 

We made the treats and read the book. Then we discussed the true meaning of Christmas and what the Grinch learned throughout the book and his change of heart. We then watched the movie and ate our little snacks and snuggled down by the fire. 

Oh Christmas tree


Family pictures 2016


4 years wild

This girl. We all adore you sweet Ember. 

Your mom and dad, brothers... we all love to be around that contagous laugh. 

If there is one sound I could hear for the rest of my life it would be your sweet laugh! 


  First day. 

One year loved


One year of love 
One year of cuddles
One year of kisses 

One year. I love you this year, the next and forever. 

Kindergarten boy

  First day of school.