Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday....Were MOVING

Jayson, Ty, Baby Fetus and I are moving in less then a week!

I am so excited to get into a bigger space!
Four people in a one bedroom just was not going to work...

I have so many ideas and dreams for our new little (but bigger) space.

I am so excited for the kids to have their own room...

Two bedrooms seems like a dream at this point! 

I love these for the living room or kitchen...

So mine is so not going to look this amazing...
but I want those added on shelves in our closet. 

Why have I not thought of this???

Got this all started..AND LOVE IT SO FAR.
Found a huge frame at D.I for six dollars and 
painted it blue...can't wait to finish it!!

Actually just finished this last night. 
I used yellow paper and it will go in our new bathroom..
show you next week!!       

Another Best Idea EVER!
LOVE this so much...will definitely be a to-do 
as soon as we get moved in and I get a few more baby to-do's done.

O man I want this in our bathroom so bad...
LOVE the shape, color, glass...EVERYTHING!!