Monday, April 25, 2011

rag burp cloths

I have a TON of prego friends right now... and I got to thinking that
I cant afford to buy them all something big or even an outfit...
so I got a couple yards of flannel material and decided
on some burp cloths for them all..That was one of my most favorite
gifts I received at my baby shower...and honesty the ones I use most...
I made a few different sizes. guess it just depends on
how much spit up you need to clean up..hehe
and yes...I do wear lime green socks!

I didn't do pictures of the process on these, cause honestly I was not
even sure if they were going to turn out that well...
however I LOVE them and could not be
happier with the turn out.

on the girls I used a middle piece of just cream cheaper flannel...
most people like to use warm and natural, but I think it is
a bit this worked fine.

I ran out of the middle layer by the time I got
to the boys, but I actually think I like them more.
I found that on my burp cloths that are similar to these
I have some that are two and some three
I guess its just preference.. both should do the trick

I sewed two rows around...that's how the ones I got
for my baby shower were...I'm not totally sure why.. I think
one row would work fine, but I like the look of it...
also on the larger ones there is a seam down the middle
I'm sure its so the material will stay nice..
plus that's where you put it on your it works!

I fell in love with them as soon as I I kinda just kept going
and going.. They were so easy and didn't take long at all.
To go with these I will be making stuffed animal toys 
to match...Ill post soon!

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