Wednesday, May 1, 2013

250 words

My life. Started with my mommy and daddy. Yes I still call them that. I love them with all my heart. They raised four kids to be best friends. I have one brother who always has my back an older sister who I want to be just like and a baby sister who I made into my mini me. I lived in the same house my whole childhood. (the house my dad was also raised in) I went to cosmetology school when I was 17. Worked and lived on my own for four years. At one point in time I had three jobs. I then found and fell madly in love with the Mr. we didn't waist any time. Got married, made babies and going to school. Some days are hard but most are amazing. My life is my family but I also enjoy warm weather, cold lemonade, swim suites, anything with sugar and snuggles. I am very touchy and want to hug everyone. I wish so badly I could play the piano and sing. I wish I could paint. I wish I had a way with words and could write all the emotions I am feeling and help others in their lives. I think I am pretty tender and care deeply for others. I keep a constant prayer in my heart for all those dear to me.

The beauty is in the berry

Sibu contacted me a few weeks ago interested in having me review a product from their line. I was thrilled to say the least. I knew right away I loved the idea behind the product. I love natural healthy things when it comes to my body.

There is so much information on their products. I wanted to sit here and type it all out but I think they do a pretty good job of covering that. You should read about Sea buckthorn and Omega 7 to see what health benefits it has.

Did you go read??? YOU SHOULD :)
Basically those words mean your body will thank you for using those products. 

They claim the cleanser does the following
  • Leaves skin looking and feeling radiant and refreshed
  • Removes excess oil and impurities
  • Contains micro-particles for a gentle exfoliation
  • Great for removing make-up
  • Non-foaming gel formula for all skin types
OK soI knew I loved the idea right...Now I have to put it to the test. 

The first night I told Jayson I didn't want to stop washing my face. The smell alone was enough to make me weak at the knees. I also loved the texture. I felt exfoliated, soft, clean and healthy. Previously after washing my face with past cleansers my skin would feel tight and hard. I felt like I was always having to apply lotion. 

Yupp, I felt radiant and refreshed!
Yupp,I felt exfoliated!
Yupp, it removed my make-up! 

I wanted to type this review and hope you got how much I really think this product rocks in my own words. I thought what better way to get my point across then to actually show you my own e-mail I sent the company. 

I just wanted to update you real quick. I received the facial cleanser and am working on the review. The only problem I am running into is describing how much I love it! I am so grateful you contacted me and I had this opportunity. I am definitely impressed.
Sending you the link shortly!

Needless to say I am still using this cleanser and plan to in the future. I hope to get a few new products from their line soon. 

Man I hope you are all pumped up about this product because guess what! Yupp, a GIVEAWAY! One of you will receive your own facial cleanser.

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