Monday, February 3, 2014

his new purple scissors

Ty's Nana knows how much he loves to craft so she sent him up a box full of goodies... His most favorite thing is his new purple scissors. He seriously can't stop talking about them and telling everyone around all about his "NEW PURPLE SCISSORS"

He kept wanting to use my fabric scissors... Yeah right. I would die if they were used on anything but fabric. Plus they are so sharp they would definitely do damage if he accidentally got his finger. I kept telling him "No, they will hurt you". So now with his new purple scissors he says things like....

"My scissors not hurt me"
"My like my purple scissors"
"Purple scissors just for Ty... They will hurt you mommy, just Tys"
"My love my purple scissors mom...lets cut stuff"

Notice how they are never just "my scissors" they are always "my PURPLE scissors"

Yeah he is in heaven.

I thought with his new purple scissors and fascination in cutting I would teach him proper things to cut... Like paper and never ever ever hair or blankets, pillows and any other house hold decoration.

So a good, cheap and fun way for him to learn to cut really good.

Get some
Kid scissors

Draw a straight line down the middle of the first paper. This is the easiest one and was the best to start with. He struggled at first with getting the proper grip but once he figured it out he was going to town on the paper. Then draw and loopy line and a zig-zag. The zig-zag was the hardest for him. He had to keep moving the paper in different directions but he was determined and finished. 

While doing the zig-zag line he said

"Mom, I'm trying so good"
"This is harder but I do it"
"Mom, I'm just trying so hard"

He finished them all and loved using his purple scissors.


Sounds good to me. 

... Thanks Nana for Ty's new purple scissors.