Wednesday, January 29, 2014

critter march

Today we woke up early... all ate breakfast together... sent Jayson on his way to school.. Then the kids and I ran to the store. It was about 9AM when we got there and we almost had the store to ourselves. If you want to shop in peace and quiet go early in the morning. I think this will be the only time I grocery shop from now on. The kids were wonderful. They were playful and sweet. We joked and giggled together. Ember waved to all the people walking past. Ty helped pick out what cereal to buy and put all the apples in the bag for me. They both got one treat while we were there. Ty always loves to pick out his "One thing" and he enjoys helping Ember with hers. Today they both wanted the applesauce pouches. I always feel funny giving the cashier empty containers to ring up. O well. It works for us.

Did I say the kids were wonderful at the store? They were.

I was in such a good mood when we got home and the kids were still being little dears... so we decided to have craft time. Craft time is always most successful when the kids are in good moods.

I saw these little critters on 8footsix. She is such a fun mom and always inspiring me to play more and create more with my kids.

I love recycling projects. We just made those fun cardboard roads and houses that Ty adores. So this was fun. All we did was cut up our egg containers. We buy eggs in bulk. Jayson and I have them almost every morning. So we were able to make four critters today.

Get some:
Empty egg cartons
Googley Eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Ty had a blast. He is always asking to make crafts. We are frequent shoppers of the dollar store, goodwill and walmart.

Took us about thirty minutes to finish them. And get this it was totally free! Well free because we had all the supplies on hand. The googly eyes, pipe cleaner and markers you can all get at the dollar store.. So I guess that's 3$ plus we bought the eggs, a dozen is maybe 2$.

Ty calls them a little family. "It's Ty and Mommy and Daddy and Me and Ember and Ty"
Silly kid.