Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Polly doll

Ember will be four months old come Christmas time. What do you get a four month old?
I thought it would be special to make her very first doll.
This is Polly. 
I knew she needed a name. 
The whole time making her I thought I would never think of it. 
As soon as we made the last stitch...Polly came to mind.
I think she is pretty perfect. 
I used a pattern in one of my favorite books 

Handmade gifts are the best. 
I hope Ember will love her as she gets old enough to play with her. 
and hopefully she is durable enough for a toddler someday.

However I do see many more of these to be made for my baby girl in the near future! 

Merry Christmas Ember
I love you