Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Ty is just about potty trained. He is doing really well and loves his new Dusty underwear... I can hear him clear across the house saying...

"mom, im going potty."
"mom, you gotta come see this"

Things I am most excited for this week.... 

My mom to get here... (happy dance)

Ty being potty trained

Embers teeth are almost all in

Moving the furniture around -- love it

Things that stink...

I broke the vacuum -- I ran over the cord... tell the wires are totally hanging out.. don't ask me how.

I haven't exercised in days... blah

Laundry.... its hard work keeping Ty clean undies... I think buying more would be better than stressing over keeping the ones he has clean.

I really need to go shopping. you know when people say there is nothing in their fridge... thats actually true.. with an exception of milk and ketchup..  yup going today.... or tomorrow. depends on how long we can make it off pantry food. blah

Ty decided to use his rocks in a new way today. Jayson and I look over and he was driving the trucks on them... Guess they are off-roading it. 

Ember is asleep and Ty is playing.. So im off to read a book... or take a nap. who knows.