Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Cars" Felt Car Mat

My friends little boy turned 2 last week!

When they come over he likes to play with 

He had a "Cars" themed party, so I thought I would
make a Cars themed play mat.

 I got all the felt at Joanns
The green base is 1 yard
 The red trim is 4 inch strips folded in half. 
All the writing is done with fabric paint also 
purchased at Joanns.
Tow Mater is definitely my favorite character so I 
knew he had to be on it.
Here is the inspiration.
 I was not talented enough to make the car inside the cone
but I think you can still get the picture.
I turned the movie on while making this and 
just watched for inspiration. 
It was fun pausing..rewinding..pausing.. 

More Inspiration
 The flags were a slight challenge for my shaky hands.

I cut out one big piece of black then 
glued on the little white squares.

They are so not even or lined up
but I don't think its super noticeable.

 All the signs I found online were way to hard to do..
But in the movie it has a pretty 
simple sign on the way into town...
So I copied it. 
I tried to have a Piston Cup racing side...
and a Radiator Springs side.

If I were to make another one I would try and think of more things to put on the piston cup side....

Most of the things on the movie were to 
complex to make with felt..
So it is much more simple on the car mat.


 I had the throw in the Cars logo somewhere. 
So its over the "garage" 
well there you have it!! 

 Here is Maddox at the Party playing with it!! 

What do you think??