Monday, February 20, 2012



Well...I had to get rid of my gym pass. For a lot of reasons...
To much money...To sick all the time...No time.
I started using it as an excuse to not work out anymore..

"I don't have a gym pass anymore so its to hard"

but I am a huge BIGGEST LOSER fan. and this season is the season of 

Sooooo I have kicked my butt back into gear and spiced up my at home routine.
With yoga, 6minute abs, and the 5 mile walking videos. 
Then I use my free weights and bands to do my own thing.
I cant wait to get back outside and start walking again....
The weather is ALMOST nice enough. I just am NOT a cold person...I HATE the snow.
and im terrified of Ty getting sick. So until the sun is shinning I will work out inside. 

So back to the BIGGEST LOSER...
are you a fan???

Last season I totally thought I was a Dolvett fan.. 
  I think because he was the under dog and I tend to want them to do well...
but for some reason this season he is not my favorite....
He still has that beautiful smile though...

and I was an Anna fan...
 SOOO sad to see her go...

but this season its all about  BOB!! 
 I think he does a great job training and being a friend.
and getting AMAZING results...
If I was a on the biggest loser I would totally want Bob to train me... :)
 but I would probably die. 


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