Friday, January 31, 2014

Colorful cheerios

Do you have those days where your to-do list seems longer than you can handle. Today was one of those days. It went like this... Scouts//Primary//Sharing Time//Changing diapers//Making Lunch//Cleaning//Laundry//Make copies//Go to play group//Suffer in the snow... Something like that. All very Do-able things... I was just totally overwhelmed. Pretty sure I was with in seconds of breakdown tears while face timing my parents. With a lot of parental advice and some smiles I decided to take a break. Ty was melting down demanding my attention//and we all know if toddlers don't get positive attention then they start to act out and get negative attention..still attention. So there Ty was breaking down...I'm trying to type on the computer...frustrated and about in tears. Called my mommy and decided to take a break and make some fun crafts with Ty.

It was exactly what we both needed. I badly needed a break from scouts... He needed some mommy-time and some craft time.

I bought this bag of fruit-loops the other day. Not because they are our favorite cereal but to make some necklaces out of them. It was a hit. Ty was in heaven.

"Mommy, these are colorful Cheerios"
"Mommy, we can make yummy necklaces"
"Is it ok if I wear a necklace if I can eat it"
"Girls wear necklaces but Ty can if Ty can eat them"
""Can we make it as long as as as. . as long as me mommy"
"Mommy I like necklaces"

We were struggling at first because the yarn kept fraying. He couldn't get the colorful Cheerios to go on the string. So I eventually tied a knot on the top. problem solved. His tiny fingers had no problem after that. 

"Mommy can we eat them all"
"Mommy if I eat them all can we make another one"
"Mommy it looks like a colorful snake"
"Can we do this every day"
"Can I save it and eat it in bed with Thomas"

We ended up eating them as we made it. They are yummy.. I mean if you like sugar. Why not?! When I went to take his picture he said "See I show you, it is Yummy mom...I promise"

Yummy. check
fun. check
hand-eye coordination. check
craft for the day. check
happy boy. double check

 ...Just need to make a few more I guess. Ty says "Daddy need one and Mommy and Ty and Ember and I need some some more and me and you Mommy"