Monday, September 2, 2013

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Hey all! Hope your holiday weekend was great:)

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M's Cake smash

I really couldn't sit down and pick a favorite. Each time I looked at one I thought it was my favorite. My good friend Jenna took thees for us. She is so wonderful with my kids and such a sweetheart! 

Ember has always had a sweet tooth. I thought for sure she would be eating the cake as fast as she could. Nope, I sat the cake in front of her and she was more interested in the funny texture and the feel of the frosting on her fingers then she was about putting it in her mouth. I finally put a small bit of frosting on her lips to see if she would love it but she just looked confused. She definitely loved to play with the cake and smashed it up and yeah some got on her face but she was definitely not eating it like I thought. Maybe my baking skills are not that great...but it was a box cake... so I don't think I coulda messed up too bad. Anyway the pictures turned out perfect. I could not be more happy and I love my baby girl with all my heart!! 

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