Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brunette fever/bloglovin/mommy blog.I NEED HELP

I have been having some major brunette fever lately. It seems like I always want what I don't have. (typical right). HELP!!! For me its got to be it all/All dark or all light. . I have never really pulled off the weaved/highlight look...

I dont really have a favorite..Should I do it/Dye it dark? 

So I think I am the only one who has not posted about GFC going BUH I sad?? Maybe a little. Howeva I seriously love bloglovin now and am curious why I didn't use it before. So many features I love love the app is GREAT on my phone....If you want to continue following me and you like bloglovin here is my link

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What other ways do you like to follow? I have seen a few things about feedly?? is that right? I have no idea and is google+ a good idea? Should I jump on the bandwagon?!! haha I am SO  LOST and feel like there is way to many ways to follow. I don't even have a FB page for my blog and never get on my twitter...Yupp im the worst blogger ever/but I want to have a life so I guess my question is what is worth having and whats not. I want a life and I want it mostly off line being able to play with my kids and flirt with my what should a girl do....?!

Also I just started doing the Top Mommy blog...I'm pretty lost and new to it...Help me out...Do you use it, do you find blogs you really like there...what do you think..??!
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Wordless Wednesday

because pictures say it all

I couldn't get Ty to come up for air to take a picture. 
But the face in the cone makes for a pretty cute picture too. 

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