Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mothering two

I worried and worried over how Ty would react to Ember.
I thought I wouldn't be able to give them both the attention they deserve. 
Thinking Ty would feel neglected. 
I had awful nightmares about them both needing me at the same time and I couldn't be there.

However, Ty fell as much in love with his baby sister as Jayson and I did.

He still needs just as much attention, if not more. 

But he is always worried and concerned about "baybee"

If she is crying he will do one of two things.
At first he would grab her binki and try to get her to take it.
-actually nice for me-
But the last two days if she cries he come over to me and tries to pull my shirt up so I can feed her.
Adorable and innocent 

I get overwhelmed.
I have had a few emotional breakdowns.
I don't know how to find time for myself yet.  -hot shower, makeup-
I still worry about everything.

But being a mommy is not about being perfect.

My mother said
"Your dishes wont rot and neither will your kids, so if they don't get washes every single will be ok."

-hope I got that right-