Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer on the farm

This summer Jayson is helping out Dad on the farm. We are going to bed early, waking up early, working and playing hard. The 110 degree weather has been a little much to get use to. Even for me who spent 18 years growing up in it. We cure the heat with spontaneous water fights and an occasional nap in the AC.  

Jayson may have grew up a city boy but has learned how to get his hands dirty the last few days.

It is so nice for Jayson and Ty to spend more time together. Ty is big enough to tag along on most things. This morning he got to help mow the lawn. He had a blast and tells everyone all about it. "Ty mow da lawn and daddy" DARLING.

We will be enjoying the farm life tell we make the big move to Colorado.

 I fully plan on...

Soaking up the sun
Swimming in the pool 
Going on lots of four-wheeler rides
Take the kids fishing
Playing in the sprinklers
Watching the sun set
Get a tan

 and most importantly spend lots and lots of time with family. 

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