Wednesday, December 7, 2011


- O how pinteresting



The invitations...Simple and sweet!
 I  blew up balloons tell I thought I was going to pass out, then I had Jays blow up more!
 I had to snap a couple pictures of Ty before everyone got there.
 I made his shirt and its going tucked away in the cedar chest. It's mostly felt and a few scraps.
 Monster balloon eyes. Felt with a little spay adhesive.
 The eyes are glued one with glue dots....easy to remove!!
THE CAKES!! Mom and I had so much fun making them:) The plan was for the guests to eat the big one and Ty to smash the smaller one. When the time came Ty was just to cranky and tired. He really didn't want anything to do with it. So I let him take a nap while everyone was eating

 I seriously could not have done it with out this lady! Thanks mama for being so great!! I LOVE YOU
Aunt Heather made the ice cream...Hardy tradition. ALWAYS have homemade ice cream.
 Eyes are glued on with the glue gun.
 More balloons! The kids had a blast with them.
 See my Tyger was SO tired.
The punch was green sherbet and sprite.
 Little monster decorations. Just felt and glue!
 Some of Ty's presents...
 Blowing out his candles...with my help.
 Family picture.
Epic Fail with these family pictures. O well we tried.

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