Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why he loves her

A few reason why I know Ty loves Ember.

Yes I let them ride that bike together. He was holding on to her so tight and although she looks in pain in one of the pictures she was laughing and having so much fun. 

-side note- her double chin picture is my favorite!! 

Yes Ember really fell asleep in the picture. She was out of it and seemed so comfortable. Ty was loving it and kept smiling and petting her. She slept like that for about ten minutes before we moved her to her crib. 

Yes I let Ty play rough and wrestle Ember. No I do not let him hurt her. 

Yes Ty loves it when Ember sits in the shopping cart with him. He throws a huge fit if I keep her in her car seat. I can no longer go shopping on her nap time. 

My most favorite thing he does now is while driving he holds her hand. Ember is rear facing and Ty is front facing so they have a perfect view of each other. I love driving down the road to hear Ty making funny noises and Ember laughing. The harder she laughs the loader he makes the noises. 

  I love the way he shows her he loves her. He is an amazing big brother. He is the perfect amount of sweet...but not to sweet. He is still going to make her one tough little girl with all the wrestling they do.