Saturday, July 2, 2011

SShhhh don't tell daddy

 I get so excited when a little girl we know is having a birthday!! 
I got to try out another tulle head band:) this one was for one of Jaysons good 
friends little girls1st birthday!
 This is my little BOY Ty. The tital of this post is because if Jays ever saw Ty in 
a head band he might shoot me. hehe and no I dont want Ty to wear them...
I just needed a model! So I think he looks very cute/yet manly:)
 The head band I cut and sewed a little smaller, since it was for women and not babies.
Then sewed the tulle on and added a green felt heart!
and yes, I love putting things in jars and we have A LOT of 
baby food around our if course I made a little package for her.