Wednesday, July 10, 2013

this and that

We had a great 4th of July. Ty and Ember loved the fireworks. Tys face was absolutely priceless while watching them and even more so when he was holding the sparklers. We had a pretty mellow morning. Ate a big breakfast then went out to the pool to swim. Heather and I took Jessica down to the game farm to show her all the fields. Ate homemade ice cream for Jim's birthday/4th of July. Then when it came time for fireworks we did what we have done every year growing up. We all hopped on the Rhinos and drove out to the water tower for the very best view of the show. It was fun riding out with both the kids. Ember sat in her car seat but loved all the much that she even fell asleep. She slept right through all the fireworks too. We were far enough away that the noise wasn't loud enough to bother her but that we still had a beautiful view. By the time we drove back to the house we did our own fireworks. Ember was awake by then and loved watching the colors. Ty wanted to be right next to his daddy while he lit them off. Crazy kid.

Ember will eat anything. I really do give her healthy foods 99% of the time but every once in awhile I have to give her a cookie and of course she makes a mess. So of course I have to take pictures:)

While Jessica was down we rode the horses around in the arena. It was her very first time riding and she did amazing. Dad kept saying it was like she had been around them for years. O yeah that stud on the horse is my daddy!

Like always we had to get in the pool. I sometimes feel like we live out there. Good thing we all love it!

Our move is coming up very quick. I am sure going to miss home but am so excited to start this new adventure.