Thursday, July 14, 2011

felt headband tutorial

I love my new headband! 
I have so much felt and elastic laying around...
I thought I would get creative and try something new.

scrap felt 
headband or elastic 
glue gun

Trace out three different size circles. 
The circles don't need to be perfect. 

Cut them out and stack together
 You should have something like this!

I didn't really like the look of it.

 I took a lighter to the edges... then it didn't look
like I just got out of the craft room. 

This is the look you will get if you burn the edges.  

 I took the lighter and burnt from the bottom...
this makes the felt curl up more.

Also if you do use the lighter method know that
 the felt will shrink up a bit.

Take your glue gun and glue all circles together.
Then add your jewel and glue in the middle circle.

Now that all circles are done
 glue them to the elastic band. 

Make sure to overlap them...
I did about a half an inch...

If you don't then they separate and stretch apart. 

Then enjoy!!!
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