Monday, February 6, 2012 are you doing?


HEY friends
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This week has been good. 
A few things I have done well at
1. Drinking lots of water!!! 
I have been lovin my water this week!! I LOVE lemon water.  
My favorite things shares a TON of reasons its good for your health to add lemon.

  1.  Good for stomach
  2. Excellent for Skin Care
  3. Aids in Dental Care
  4. Cures Throat Infections
  5. Good for Weight Loss
  6. Controls High Blood Pressure
  7. Assist in curing Respiratory Disorders
  8. Good for treating Rheumatism
  9. Reduces Fever
  10. Acts as a blood purifier  
 2. Stretching
Totally helps me sleep at night!
Every night after I get Ty to bed I stretch for a good 20 minutes:)
3. Getting plenty of fruits. 
O I could eat my fruit all day long. 
Seriously so sweet and yummy!! Never a problem for me. 

A Few things I have been stinking at
 1. Waking up early.
I get such a late start to my day. I know I would feel 
better if I just got up and got going...but it has been hard.
 2. Sweets...
yikes...when did I get such a sweet tooth??
I REALLY need to do better at passing them up.
 3. Keeping track..
I have a fitness journal... 
I just need to write in it more.  

 How was your week?
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