Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Missy and Justins bath towels

My brother and Missy GOT MARRIED Saturday!!
I wanted to make the lovely couple John Deere towels:)
If so
ill show you how I did it..

plain towels
material of your choice

measure your towel to see how long and wide
you will need to cut your material...

don't forget to add for your seam.
I took an extra inch for length
 and an inch for the width
(1/2 inch on both ends)
cut the material you picked..
then place it on the towel where you want it
iron your seams down
-this is why you need that extra inch-

pin it to the towel
-makes sewing a lot easier-

when you get it all pinned and
it looks just as you would like it
your all ready

time to get your sew on

i did a zig zag stitch.. <3 it

I did Justins towel and the
hand towels the same way


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