Wednesday, March 6, 2013

bloggy crush

Fun little linky...
some of my favorite blogs.
 NOT ALL that list would be O SO long.
 but here are a few I want to share!!! 

Some of my favorite reads. I sqwee in excitement at the sight of their new posts.
Always have big beautiful pictures, uplifting words and fun crafts.

My blogger twin. We both love being mamas, have a little boy and baby girl. I can't help but read every word of her posts and feel as if she wrote my thoughts. I love this blog and this girl. 

Blog crushes. 
I seriously can't get enough of these ladies.
love everything about them

The Wiegands

   ah, IF I could dress like her...FAVORITE fashion blogger.


 Another favorite fashion...and mama and designer. 

just dawnelle

Linking up with another crush

bath babies

The kids have been so fun to put in the bath together.
Ember is finally big enough I don't worry as much.

They love the time together 
almost as much as I love watching them.

Ty helps wash her hair 
and play pick-a-boo

Ember smiles and goos at him.

Its almost as if they have their own language.
The way they communicate makes my heart melt. 

Nothing sweeter than clean warm snuggles.