Thursday, March 28, 2013

cloud softie tutorial

Does your little love taggies/softies? My baby girl just loves anything with a tag and anything soft. I saw this post by the talented refabulous and knew I had to recreate it. Here is my version.

It doesn't have to be pretty. I used a bright colored marker for picture purposes. Fold your material at the line and cut so you get a front and back. (you should have two pieces). I used felt so I could finish with a raw edge. 
Simple enough. The picture doesn't show two pieces but there is a front and a back to the cloud.
You can do any type of material you would like or whatever you have in scraps. I wanted light feminine colors because I will be giving it to Ember.
I cut the material out in three inch strips because you will be folding it in thirds to hide your raw edge with out having to flip the material.
The length of the material is up to you. Or depending on the length of your scraps. Just be sure to trim them all the same length when you are finished.
Pretty easy on this one...just sew a nice straight line down your fold.
Pin your strips down. If you don't they will move around and wont be straight.
I used pollyfill but you can also pull apart quilt bat. The pollyfill I bought came with this handy stick to push the fill in. You could also use a pencil but I wouldn't use anything sharp.. (I did once and cut the material). A crochet hook works pretty good.
Give it to your baby and watch them enjoy it!