Monday, May 28, 2012



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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sand and Swimmin

This last weekend we went down to Logandale...
Did we have fun..??

Ty and Luke played in the sand pile a lot!

Silly Uncle Justin played with the boys...
He even got out the pool so they could do some swimmin.

Heather didn't intend to get in the pool..
but when the kids bat their eyes...
she can't say no.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday :)


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rub a dub dub..painting in the tub

Ty already LOVES the tub, but I saw this awesome idea
for some tub fun..
Jayson had bishop ric meetings all night 
so I thought Ty and I would do 
something fun to pass the time.

 1/2 Cup Baby Wash
2 Tablespoons cornstartch 
food coloring

 Ty wasn't sure about it at first...

But after I showed him to to do it he LOVED IT!!

 Because its baby wash its safe for little eyes :)

 after awhile all the colors got mixed and 
just turned brown..haha 
o well

Look nice and easy clean up:)

fun for Ty
fun for mama

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SO Pinteresting

Hello!!! I LOVE me some Pinteresting Wednesday! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMER!! Here are my most recent summer food pins....ENJOY!


Love the BBQ
Kabobs are the most amazing thing ever!!



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

D.I. find!


Ty and I were cruisin D.I the other day and we came 
across this beauty!!
Ty would not get off it the whole time we were in the 
store...I was pushing the cart around, and he was just 
peddling right behind me..

I thought for SIX bucks...Why not...he is so happy!! 
Its stickers are a little worn and it needed some 
serious hosing off...
but I think once I polish her up it will be a sweet ride.

 His legs are not long enough to ride it like a bike yet..
So he just pushes off the ground. but he can still 
get some speed!

Every once in awhile he gets stuck in the rocks..
but for the most part he is learning to steer really well.

I admit I LOVE D.I.
You can really find some good buys if you keep your eyes out!! 


Monday, May 14, 2012

Tell ME Tuesday #45


Thank you all for being so patient
 during our move...
and EVERY box is unpacked!! 

Cant wait to post pictures of the 
new place...I'm in hanging picture mode 
right it wont be long!!

Some awesome linkups!! 

Balcony reveal

sweet lemon cream sauce 

 Scrubby Bath Puppets

Easy rippled pouch tutorial

Teething Guard Tutorial

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Ty and Maddox makin a mess

Remember how I just moved??
 Well, we just got the Internet up and running!! YAY:) 

We have been having so much fun here!! My friend Kylee lives one door down (don't ask me how we got that lucky). She has a little boy named Maddox who is just w few months older than Ty...So they play really well together! 

Today we decided to make sidewalk paint...
You can find tutorials all over pinterest for it!! 

 1 cup of water
1 cup of cornstarch
food coloring of choice

Mix the water and cornstarch
pour mixture into muffin tin..
then add food coloring

We ended up adding extra cornstarch
(maybe a half cup) so it would 
thicken up a little.
I think it worked good! 

They seriously had SO much fun! 
Ty liked to flick the paint around more than put
 it on the sidewalk..
and Maddox made a lovely puddle of to his side! 

The boys got to play, Kylee and I got a little sun...

The sidewalk got a makeover....
ps.. when the paint dries it looks just like chalk...
(and washes away like chalk!!!!)

The muffin tin was the best way to go...
The boys were able to get to all the paint well and 
it's an easy clean up.

Ty's hair was the best!! splatter marks EVERYWHERE...
plus he dipped his hand in the tin then wiped
his eye....if you notice the blue eyeball!! haha

The boys looked SOOOOOOOOOOO cute in
their diapers. 

Did I mention I am so glad its summer 
the weather is nice enough to do things like this!! 

Here is a better shot of the blue eye!! 
haha and those hands...

everything washed off in the tub great 
except the hands...
they will take another washing before its all off...

But little boys are meant to get messy..RIGHT!!! 

Great day!! 
with two darling boys:)