Friday, January 4, 2013

4moths baby girl

Ember turned 4months about a week ago.
I have been behind on posting due to the holidays.
She is growing so fast.

She loves to roll over. 
Loves to stare at her hands and 
watch them move around. 

Loves to SMILE
 With Ember all you have to do is make 
eye contact and she gives you the biggest cheesiest smile. 

Makes lots of noises. 
Sleeps pretty good. 
Eats great.

Lil miss has her 4moth doctor appointment this week.
Then I will be able to post weigh and height percentages. 
I don't know the weight for sure but with all her adorable rolls 
im sure she is healthy!! 

I seriously have spent the last 4months kissing those cheeks.
LOVE my baby girl.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we got to see Santa!
Ty loved Santa so much he wanted a hug.

Whetman Grandkids and Santa
Ty loved Santa-just not pictures. 

Jeffery and Ember in their Christmas pjs.

Grandpa and Grandma Whetman and all the kiddos.