Sunday, March 31, 2013

happy easter


We are actually visiting family and having TONS of fun! I will post actual Eater day pictures after we get home and have some time. As for now I am going to enjoy family!! Hope you do as well. HAPPY EASTER:)

Friday, March 29, 2013


I was so excited for Ty to dye eggs this year. I thought to myself...He will actually have fun this year and be big enough to do it! O man I was right. He had so much fun and he got pretty messy. By the time we were done his hands were covered and so was ONE of his socks. 
I am so happy we were able to dye eggs with the Whetman cousins.

The Lord is in the details of our life.
                                  President Thomas S. Monson

Thursday, March 28, 2013

cloud softie tutorial

Does your little love taggies/softies? My baby girl just loves anything with a tag and anything soft. I saw this post by the talented refabulous and knew I had to recreate it. Here is my version.

It doesn't have to be pretty. I used a bright colored marker for picture purposes. Fold your material at the line and cut so you get a front and back. (you should have two pieces). I used felt so I could finish with a raw edge. 
Simple enough. The picture doesn't show two pieces but there is a front and a back to the cloud.
You can do any type of material you would like or whatever you have in scraps. I wanted light feminine colors because I will be giving it to Ember.
I cut the material out in three inch strips because you will be folding it in thirds to hide your raw edge with out having to flip the material.
The length of the material is up to you. Or depending on the length of your scraps. Just be sure to trim them all the same length when you are finished.
Pretty easy on this one...just sew a nice straight line down your fold.
Pin your strips down. If you don't they will move around and wont be straight.
I used pollyfill but you can also pull apart quilt bat. The pollyfill I bought came with this handy stick to push the fill in. You could also use a pencil but I wouldn't use anything sharp.. (I did once and cut the material). A crochet hook works pretty good.
Give it to your baby and watch them enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lil Mrs Tori...My friend

Hi! My name is Tori and I blog over at Lil' Mrs. Tori. I am a Florida girl at heart but my husband is in the Air Force so we move around a lot! We are about to call Los Angeles home very soon.  I blog about my latest crafts that I've finished, my new found love for photography, and my adventures as a mom of two boys.

Thank you Ashley for letting me guest post! Today, I have a simple project to add a little something to your hair! You all have seen those easy Anthropologie elastic bands that is floating around on Pinterest. I just added a little something extra!

So all you need is: Fold-over elastic and a sewing machine with some fancy stitches! That's it!

Measure out how long you want the headband. I suggest snug but not to snug. Headband induced migraines are no fun.

 Set your machine on whatever stitch that catches your fancy and sew down the middle.  Tie your headband in a knot and your finished!

Here it is in my messy hair bun.  I will be totally honest and tell you my hair looks like this a lot! At least it looks a little cuter with a headband! Sorry I couldn't get a better shot. Holding a huge camera and trying to take a self portrait is kind of a challenge!! 
Thanks again Ashley for letting me take over your blog for a day:) 
'Till next time!

She is a sweetie huh!? Tori is one of my very best bloggy friends. We also host Tell me Tuesday together. This girl has some awesome tutorials, printables, a CUTE little boy and always beautiful pictures on her blog. I promise you will love her. Be sure to go say hi and tell her you found her site here on Him and Her. 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 months baby girl

 “The love of a mother comes nearer to being like the love of God than any other kind of love” 
President Joseph F. Smith 

Ember can now sit up unassisted.
She can also roll all around the house and scooch her way to about anything.

She continues to be our happy smiley baby.
Although nobody can make her laugh as hard as her big brother. 

Her eyes are still the deep blue that makes me melt.
and her rolls get bigger and bigger. 

She is growing and discovering the world around her. 
She loves to eat baby food and refuses a bottle.  

She tolerates all the bows I put in her hair and kisses on her cheeks.

Baby you amaze me. 
You are so beautiful and sweet.
You make some pretty silly faces and you sure know how to laugh.

We love you so much 

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Sitting in front of the computer with Ember doing Tell me Tuesday.
She is so much help:)

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