Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Eve 2...

After Grandmas and Grandpas we come home and open up a few presents. ALWAYS pjs, and sometimes we get a Christmas movie to watch that night or a game to play.
:) We had lots of fun opening our pjs and takin pictures. Then Justin and Missy took off for Vegas and we kinda just hung out tell we got tired and went to bed to wait for SANTA!!!!

Christmas Eve.... :)

Christmas Eve
We all get together at Grandma and Grandpa Hardy's house for dinner and opening some gifts. We give grandma and grandpa their gifts from us and we open theirs.
Ty helped grandma open hers.
She got a fancy new sewing machine:)
Grandpa got some new suites, shirts and ties.
Justin and Missy. :) Justin was so excited for the picture!!
Eatin some yummy yummy food!
After dinner everyone kinda lounges around visiting.
Ty was so darling opening presents.
We play a game....There are so many presents in the middle of the floor....the first person opens up one...The second person can open a new one or take the first opened present and so on...If the present gets stolen the person gets to open a new one. Justin started off the game....He kept opening up girly presents and they all were getting he had to keep opening up more and more...
Finally he opened up a manly present:) He got to keep it!!
I helped Ty open all his!
...and he helped me with mine:)
Jayson opened a movie...Cheaper by the dozen...It was funny because I always joke to him I want 12 kids...hehe maybe just 6...or 8:)
Missy opened some material!!! I think she was pretty excited:)
 Grandma and Grandpa gave all the girls a new sweater...They are so soft :) :) Grandma also made us all binders with all her recipes:) I love it so much and means a lot to have all her recipes to pass on to my girls!!
The boys got new gloves and gift cards to Sportsmans:) Jayson is so excited to go get some camping gear!!

Christmas Eve is always the same and always perfect!! I love our traditions so much:)