Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Baby Ty and Heather
Heather had some influence on naming Ty.... I was still on the road to delivery with no light at the end of the tunnel.... I was feeling pretty depressed and in comes Heather with a present for "baby" and I.She had some flowers and a cute little stuffed animal with ty on his tag...It was ment to be!!


Lauren also brought some sunshine into my life...she came into the hospital right when the blood transfusion was over, and it was sure good to see her face!! She looked so cute holding Ty and I sure cant wait tell I get to visit her in the hospital with ....Jess...Luke...Johnny....?? we will see.

Justin is going to be such a good daddy! I love seeing him with all Laurens kids...and he was just as cute with Ty!!

My soon to be sista! Also looked super cute holding Ty.. So happy everyone came to visit! Really ment a lot to me:) SURE LOVE MY FAMILY!!