Thursday, August 2, 2012


 To the rain:)
I don't think it has stopped all week.
I LOVE it. 
We sleep with the windows open and listen to the rain 
and thunder all night. 
Also cooling down the temperature makes this 
pregnant lady super happy!

That I can fit back into my jeans after this pregnancy.
O and that I can wear heals again...
and can reach my own toes to paint them.

 I can go to the grocery store with out someone 
asking me if I am having twins...

You could probably guess...
That Baby girl gets here.
Not early.. I just don't want
her two weeks late like Ty was.
If she came with in two days before or after her 
due date and not have to be induced
....then I would cry I would be so happy. 


Into a prenatal massage. Has anyone got one before..
Recommend it? or No?


In my journal. A lot lately. It was a new years 
resolution goal that I am actually doing quite well on! 
Never been very constant. 
Lets just hope it can stay this way.