Sunday, October 21, 2012


Today I pray in thanks to my heavenly Father.
I pray in thanks for my life. For my health and for my family.

I pray for my kids.
That they can grow to be best friends. 
That Ty will love and protect Ember.
and Ember will love and look up to Ty. 

That they can learn to share. 
and to be kind.

That they may know of the love I have for them.
I pray that they may feel comfort in my arms. 

I pray for Jayson at school and work.
I pray that he will always know the feelings of my heart.

I pray for the world.
For our leaders. In our church and our country.

I pray for all the kids out there
That they may be taken care of. 

I pray for all the mamas in the world.
For all the families that are separated

I pray in thanks for my blessings.
because I know that everything in life is 
given of God.