Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY Halloween finger puppets

I'm not usually that into Halloween but the kids make it O so much fun! They love their quiet book finger puppets so I thought some Halloween themed ones would be fun for this year.

I pulled out all my felt scraps....

Cut some scary finger puppet shapes.

Sewed them all together...I am lazy and I used white thread for all. I also suggest sewing them all together before you start to add eyes and layers or your sewing machine foot might be too big to get close to the edge.

I used good ol hot glue to attach everything.

 Ty was helping me and couldn't wait tell we were done to start playing with them!

On the cat and witch I put a dab of glue down then laid sewing floss down for the hair and whiskers... Then I added the nose and hat to cover it up. Now looking at the witch I think purple floss would be cute for the hair.

The kids love them and they were only an hour project! I think they need a place to stay. Maybe a pumpkin or a haunted house... I'll work on it and share later.