Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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-Today I woke up to rain! I loved it:) It wasn't one of those draggy/gloomy rainy days....It smelled so good and was so pretty..I felt inspired to find some rain pins. I hope you enjoy them! 
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Love ya


What he wore

I love the "what I wore" posts I see everywhere!! They are so fun! BUT I have a problem I HAVE NO FASHION SENSE(usually sport the jeans and a T)...Nothing special I would like to share...Maybe someday I will branch out and show you a few fun things in my closet, for now I will show you my adorable baby!!!
I love Ty so much it hurts. 
With his new hair cut and the tie onesies I made him HE MELTS MY HEART!
Shirt: walmart with the tie by me, Pants: hand-me-down (So I don't know) Shoes: Payless