Monday, January 9, 2012

Grandpa Stan and his boys

I wanted to let the pictures do all the talking...I do just have to say I love my dad and love watching him play with Ty.

MMM...whats your new year resolutions???


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WELL it's 2012 and a new year always brings with it new year resolutions. 
Things that you want to work on though the year...or something you want to learn how to do...
How many of you keep the resolutions you make and look at them the next year??
I don't always...but I feel like it starts my year off in a positive light! 
This year I am going to have a theme!!! 
Yupp....JUST DO IT!! cheesy? Maybe a little, but I don't care.....I LOVE the biggest loser and this season their theme is no excuses... I LOVE IT!! That's what I'm thinking...JUST DO IT!! NO EXCUSES...In a mother...blogging...I just want to do it and I want to give it my all :)

Here is my list of a few things I want to work on!!

I will be making something similar to this very soon... MY FITNESS JOURNAL...and am sure I will be sharing with you...Maybe even making it a MMM challenge. I think it is the best way to stay on track. Writing things down so you can see your progress and see where and why you maybe fell behind..

It's no secrete to my friends and family that I want to have another baby!! and SOON....Jayson and I will be trying sometime this year to add one more to our family. When that happens I want to have an extremely fit and active pregnancy...Maybe be even more active than I already am. I think it is so important for you and your baby to be healthy and happy during those LONG 9months.

I really love to spend time with Ty....We do it all day everyday!!! As he is getting older and can "play" and learn more....I really want to do activities with him that are not only fun but are educational. I want Ty to have a good day EVERY day. I want him to always feel like Mommy's arms are a safe fun and loving place to be.

This sums up my fitness goals...WORK HARDER. ...then you will FEEL BETTER!! 

I really want to keep date night a priority in my marriage. My husband is my very best friend...We have so much fun together no matter what we may be doing. I think in order to stay best friends we do need to be selfish every once in a while and have some alone time....wink wink!! 


When it comes to working out I am big on weight lifting. I love it!! I know cardio is important and trust me I  get plenty of it...but when I lift I feel healthier all day long. I would like to work out harder each month a little more than the previous month...Those are things I will keep in my fitness journal I will be making!

O to be organized...I wish I was one of those people who were blessed with OCD...(cough mother)...I truly look at it as a gift! I wish I could keep everything in its right place all the time...make labels for things...color coordinate my clothes...alphabetize my movies...fold my underwear. haha and similar things.. I feel like life would be easier that way...Then there is people like me who would lose their head if it was not screwed on... This year I am making it a goal to stay organized and have a system and routine worked out for keeping my life in order...

Yoga is one of my most favorite things in the world. It makes me happy:) yes very happy...So relaxed and positive about life when I am done. I feel so selfish doing it at home though. I look around and see things that need to be picked up or projects that need to be worked on and have a hard time popping in the video to do it...but I am making it a goal to take the time and get things done so I can do it hopefully twice a week.

Have a positive attitude. If all else fails and I am not organized and I didn't get to do my yoga like I wanted....If Ty has a temper tantrum and I just want to cry...I can have a good attitude and still make the day ridiculously amazing!! 

I need to scrapbook more...Well I should actually start by making it a goal to take more pictures. I take plenty of Ty, but there is very  few of Jayson and I from the past year.

ALWAYS a good goal... Water should be your best friend. No matter what the health problem water will always help!! :) Drinking more will be a life long goal of mine.

Sweets...such a problem for me... I can pass on chocolate any day of the week...but candy...SO hard for me to turn down... I am setting some serious boundaries for my sweet tooth this year!

SO important to me. No matter how hard life gets or how busy I think I am...there is always time to go to the temple...for us its once or twice a month.. We live so close to a temple we want to take advantage now....before we move and don't have the opportunity like we do now.

I want you to make something like this Inspiration pinboard from Pink Persistence. If you have magazines you can cut up GREAT! If you want to make one on the computer using picnik or something similar GREAT!!!

I am excited to see what you come up with! GET CREATIVE GIRLIES!!! THERE WILL BE A GIFT FOR THE WINNER OF THE BEST INSPIRATION PINBOARD!!! oxygen magazine...maybe :)

Please share your resolutions. You can link them up no matter when you posted them! :) OR ANYTHING HEALTH AND FITNESS RELATED

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