Friday, May 31, 2013

Crazy and Cranky

Don't let that cutie fool you. She is cutting three teeth right now and is anything but happy. My poor baby is so sad and I know in major pain. Causing some massive cranky behavior. Luckily she calms down when being snuggled.

I have found that the teething gel doesn't do much good for her but the tablets work wonders. 

I can't find the tablets at Walmart anymore. Only at Target. Stinks that Walmart is two minutes from my house and Target is an hour. Guess I will buy in bulk or online shop. 

Putting M in the grass this time around she was not quite sure if she liked it. She didn't cry but kept giving me this weird look like "um, pick me up now"

Did I mention that Nana W, Jess, the kids and I went to St. George the other day...Nana got  Miss M this cute new outfit. She looks so darling. We also went to surprise the kids Great Grandpa and the Pizza Factory. He has a standing table there once a week at the same time. We walk in and they direct us to his spot. He was over at the salad bar so we sat down. When he was walking back the look on his face when he spotted us was priceless. He was so excited for the company, as were we. 

Ty was not shy at all. Went and gave him a big hug and M gave a big cheesy smile. 
M loves the camera. "Work it girl!"

M's outfit - Target

Ty also got this new outfit. Blue shorts with a yellow tractor shirt. Nana W held a few choices for him to look at and when he saw the one with a tractor he had to have it.

Thanks Nana W for spoiling the kiddos with new outfits, lunch at the PF, lots of chocolate, the car stroller at the mall and plenty of kisses. 

Of course Ty doesn't look at me while taking pictures. Just runs away laughing at me. 

He loves to sag his shorts down so you can see four inches of his diaper. Did I mention Ty is also now calling his little man part a "peanut". I really don't like when moms make up fake names for body parts. 

On the other hand when we go to change his diaper and we take it off he says "hide peanut". It makes me laugh so hard. 

The only time I don't laugh is when he is walking around the house and decides to pull it out and show everybody saying "look, peanut"......ahhh crazy kid. 

He is also testing my patience. A whole new meaning to temper tantrums have come this week. He is just so independent. I can't help him do anything. If we need to run out of he house real fast and I need to put his shoes on he insists on doing it himself. "TY DO IT"

If I even try he will take them off and throw then across the room and the tantrum begins. 

I also can't pour his cereal, brush his hair, pick out his clothes, pull up his covers or do anything of the sort.

Boots - Cal Ranch
Outfit - Target

This crazy kid insists on wearing his boots with EVERYTHING. Pants, shorts, swimsuits and church clothes.  He loves them so much but can't seem to get them on the right feet. BUT o if I try to fix them....that's a whole new kind of crazy. 

Good thing he is so darling. Good thing he wraps his arms around me and whispers "love you mama", good thing he is repeating the prayers and melting my heart, good thing he smiles with chocolate all over his face and wipes it on my shorts. Its a good thing he is mine and I love him with all my heart.

Its a good thing that even though my kids are crazy and cranky I love them. They are mine and I wouldn't change them for the world. The fact is the melt my heart more then they drive me nuts. Its a good thing I can take a deep breath at the end of the day and watch them sleep peacefully. 

That I remember how much I love them with every breath they take. That I remember how blessed I am to be able to call myself their mama.