Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring things

Ember playing Tball... my heart could burst. From the first to second practice she made so much improvement and is having so much fun. My favorite part is how she dances in the outfield, how she prances from base to base when running home and how the ENTIRE outfield runs for the ball when the other team is batting!

Guided drawing from youtube maybe my favorite way to relax with the kids in the afternoon... They always say "Our pictures might look different and thats ok, they are all cute!"

Seriously, this kid always has his head in a book... and I love it! 

These troubles running errands with me and snackin to get through... I pick my battles people. 

Ty on the Jr. Jazz team. He doesn't want anything to do with baseball but loves basketball and his best friend Acey!

 Naps, movies and snacks... Yes, please!

Easter love

One of my favorite things to do is have a cute lunch set up with a few activities for Ember and Aiden when she gets home from school. To be honest I was sad about the half day Kindergarten, as Ty had full day and I was nervous for a change. Now those hours when Ember is home from school before Ty gets home and her and I can visit and craft and catch up on the day are truly times and memories I treasure with her! I am no longer looking forward to full day school.

Combining tot-school crafts and fun with these two cuties. Ember is teaching Aiden the letter B here and working on fine motor skills. 

Each holiday we head to the Library and load up on every book we can find... We took these and had an outdoor picnic and school. 

Yay for SPRING BREAK!!! Lunch outside in our pajamas! 

I was a little saddened this year by my lack of Easter decorations.... So I took that into my own hands. Also the lovely tea party on the table set up by Aiden and Ember is magical! 

Happy Spring friends

The kids and I were looking for ways to stay busy this spring break. I was so happy to find a lovely list of ideas from The Peaceful Press and In Bloom.

Jayson works all day Mon-Wed. We only see the whites of his eyes at breakfast...and I'm usually asleep before he even walks back in the door. That leaves me and the three kiddos ALL day for the next few days.. I knew we needed some structure and as little screen time as possible to keep my sanity and peace in the home.

Our to-do list inspired by "In bloom" includes..

Spring nature hike
Spring material object (above)
Spring Acrostic
Memorize Spring poem
Diagram of a flower
Spring nature tea party
Edible dirt cups

Through the month of April we will also be...
Planning our garden
Making a few crafts for the garden
Learning about plants and seeds
Lots of outdoor play and hikes
Working on Earth day projects and activities

This and that

I suppose I am still playing a little ketchup... A few pictures from over the past few weeks that I had saved.

St. Patrick's Day

The kids were so excited for the leprechaun to come but "pinch day" however made Ember terrified to go to school. So we went a little green crazy and made sure she was well protected to go to school! 

She also had a little party with her friends here at our house! They made leprechauns and rainbows and ate plenty of sweets! 

We made a leprechaun trap and he brought the kids some fun colorful goodies the next morning but I somehow lost those pictures... 

 Hope you didn't get pinched!

Rainbow craft

Back in March when we were excited for the new season of spring and St. Patrick's Day around the corner we made these paper rainbows. I totally forgot to write in yellow but my girl was much smarter then I and added it in herself!

Now they live in our playroom. I love the way it is coming along with all the colors.