Tuesday, April 12, 2011


TY is still a bit young for a quiet book...but I'm sure when he can play with it he will LOVE it:) ....well that's my dream!
Page 1: the letters all have snaps on them, so he can match them up
Page 2: Robots arms are elastic so he can pull on them as hard as he wants, also his body opens up so you can see his heart.
Page 3: the gum balls all have Velcro on them, so he can match his colors.
Page 4: the tent can open..where you find a bear inside that's a finger puppet.
Page 5: the apples on the tree are all snaps, also the basket has an opening for him to put the apples

Page 6: the barn opens where he will find more finger puppets.. a chicken, pig and cow
Page 7: the tractor wheels turn and the loader moves up and down

Page 8 and 9: Mr. and Mrs. Potato head, made with lots of different face features and accessories
Page 10: the rocket moves up and down..like it can fly to space
Page 11: the tool box opens where he will find all sorts of tools to play with

Page 13: the piggy bank has a slip in it where he can put money in and out of

I will make one last page --TO TYGER LOVE MOMMY--
then I am done
The cover..

I love how this turned out and I cant wait for Ty to be able to play with it.
In the mean time I am now working on a SPORTS quiet book ....
they are addicting