Thursday, December 6, 2012

The stockings are hung

This year I wanted to make our socks. I have pinned about a million ideas to my Christmas pinboard, but fell in love with the elf style. I used this tutorial HERE. It worked great for me and I consider myself a very beginner sewer.
O this is just me pretending like I know how to use my fancy camera....That I totally don't know how to use. But I like the way this turned out. I think the socks look nice with the candy canes on the tree.
The material is flannel. It worked good!
After I finished they were hanging funny on the couldn't really see the "elf look" so I stuck batting in the toes!! 
P.s I totally forgot to add the tag on them so you can hang them...opps, so I used a pushpin to stick them to the wall....

Totally fell in love with them and am proud to have homemade items around the house this year.