Friday, January 11, 2013

her ears pierced.

This was a very hard decision for me to make. I went back and forth for days. I think baby girls are so beautiful with out their ears pierced. They don't need any extra beauty. I didn't do it for Ember to be more beautiful. I think she is the most precious thing on this earth. 

I was afraid of it hurting her. I was afraid that she would grow up and wish I hadn't done it. I was afraid of her being mad at me. After talking to our pediatrician (who by the way pierced them for her)...He reassured me that the pain of getting it done would be far less then the pain of receiving her shots. Made sense to me. I have had mine done, and had many shots....I would rather get my ears pierced any day. Also if she grows up and doesn't want them anymore she can take them out...

I think Ember is precious. She melts me to the core. I cant imagine ever hurting her. 

After a few tears from me I held my baby girl tight against my chest and watched as her pediatricians pierced her tiny little ears. Just as any other baby would, she cried. She was scared. I turned her around and held her close. Calming her down was easy. She looked into my eyes and finally gave me a smile.

It was not the experience I was dreading.
It was perfect.